Information About Orienteering

Resources for learning about orienteering

ONB brochure (pdf)
ONB's tutorial.
An easy introduction to orienteering the New Brunswick way.
Introduction to Orienteering
A PowerPoint presentation developed for group instruction.
Cette présentation est disponible en français aussi.
An online interactive quiz for learning or reviewing the IOF control symbols
This is a super way to bring yourself up to scratch on all the control symbols.
Disponible aussi en français.
IOF Control Descriptions 2004 Edition(pdf document)
This is the complete specification for control descriptions.
Orienteering for the Young
An introductory text on orienteering and teaching orienteering to kids

Links to Other Orienteering Organizations

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Go to Orienteering in the rest of the World.
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Orienteering in Canada

Canadian Orienteering Federation (COF)
And from east to west:
St John's Orienteering Club (SJOC, St John's, Newfoundland)
Orienteering Association of Nova Scotia
Orienteering New Brunswick
Orientering Quebec
Ottawa Orienteering Club (OOC)
Toronto Orienteering Club (TOC)
Foothills Wanderers Orienteering Club (FWOC, Calgary, Alberta)
Saskatchewan Orienteering Association
Yukon Orienteering Associaction
Orienteering Association of British Columbia (OABC)
VictOrienteers (Victoria, British Columbia)
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Orienteering in the US

Our neighbors to the south:
United States Orienteering Federation (USOF)
Bay Area Orienteering Club (BAOC, San Francisco, California)
Central New York Orienteering (CNYO)
Delaware Valley Orienteering Association
Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club (RMOC, Colorado Front Range)
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Orienteering Around the World

Links to orienteering federations and organizations in other countries
International Orienteering Federation (IOF)

Orienteering Federations Around the World
(link to Rick Slater's Orienteering Home Page)
Orienteering in New Zealand
The New Zealand Orienteering Federation)
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Miscellaneous Orienteering Links

CompassSport, the British orienteering magazine

OCAD homepage
The home page for the popular orienteering map drafting program.
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Orienteering Resource Lists

Links to other pages of orienteering links:

Yahoo Web Index

And of course do not forget your favourite search engine.

To report broken links or to request additions please send email to

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