The 13th Annual Flood O Meet Results

The 13th Annual Flood O meet was held in Centennial Park in Moncton on May 13, 2001

True to tradition flood damage had knocked out two of the bridges and two days after the event much of the creek valley was ten feet underwater. This meet was run by Harold McQuade as the meet director and Garth Holder as the course setter. Garth updated parts of the map specifically for this event. A large contingent of cadets participated from Port Elgin. The weather was perfect, not too hot and no bugs. This was an ONB “B” sanctioned event. Special thanks Harold and Garth and as well to Rob Black and Bobbie Ross for helping out at the registration area, start and finish areas. This was the first meet for Bobbie & David Ross as well as Harold after taking the B officials course. Boy is there a lot to learn! Ribbons, chocolate bars and fruit leathers were awarded to all. The scouts were given prizes by Garth as well.


Course 1

F 12 Emily Ross 25:01

M 12 Ian Black 27:43

M open Amech Makiett 63:08

Wayfarer Jan and Peter Stanford 25:35

Wayfarer Mark, Scott and Peter Stanford 25:35

WayfarerGreg Nix and family 48:10

Course 2

F13-14 Carol Ross 36:18

Wayfarer Charles and Olivier Babineau 46:53

Wayfarer Steve Woodworth and family dnf

Scouts Division

Matthew Landry 41:21

Evan Holder 41:49

Scott Estabrooks dnf

Shanda Simpson dnf

Cadets Division

Travis Stright 70:38

Chris Rogers 77:43

Elliott Aller 80:55

Nathan Rommens 81:36

David Sidebotton 92 :00

Course 3

M 55 Don Heron 61 :46

F 45 Barbara St. Laurent 64:52

Cadets Division

Steven Stright 59 :06

James McMahon 98 :00

Course 4

M17 Alex Whaley 44:41

M21 Graham St. Laurent 28:42

M35 Paul Looker 50:00

M45 Rolf Ohlsson 46:31

M45 Ray St. Laurent 69:11

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