Results for the First Odell HellO, May 27, 2001

Classic Course I, 2.7 km

Name Class Time (min:sec)
Adam Samms Junior Male 52:01
Jared Organ Junior Male 80:31
Klaus Milscher Senior Male 85:22
Reg Reed and Scott van Orecht Wayfarer 22:45
Bernard and Stephan Fontaine Wayfarer 63:15
Leigh, Jennifer and Sam Wayfarer 55:45

HellO Course I, 3.1 - 3.4 km

Name Class Time (min:sec)
Lucy Hughes Junior Female 26:25
Carol Ross Junior Female 33:58
Daven Hughes Junior Male 31:43
Robert Hughes Senior Male 39:16
Bobbie and Emily Ross and William Nelson Wayfarer 74:09

Classic Course II, 4.8 km

Name Class Time (min:sec)
Roisin Whaley Junior Female DNF
Lise Breau Senior Female 112:50
Jenny Hughes Senior Female 170:39
Stephan Hamel Senior Male 113:04
Toni O'brien and Charlotte Campbelll Wayfarer 181:40

HellO Course II, 5.7 km

Name Class Time (min:sec)
Anita O'Brien Senior Female DNF
Mike Fellows Senior Male 41:36
Graham St-Laurent Senior Male 53:40
Rolf Ohlsson Senior Male 79:09
David Fellows Senior Male 106:55

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