Results for the 2001 Sass Peepre

Location: Mactaquac Provincial Park

Date : September 16, 2001

Classic Course 1, 2.5 km

Name Club Time
James Smith Falcons 37:02
Sue Fenzl and family Foxes 47:19
Hamel family Foxes 50:06
Donald Folkins Truro 54:06
Theresa Whaley Foxes 65:48
Paul Looker family Fundy 71:34
George Porter family Foxes 84:40
Vaughn Smith Falcons DNF

ENO Course 1, 2.5 km

Name Club Time
Vaughn Smith Falcons 43:40

Classic Course 2, 3.9 km

Name Club Time
Tali Folkins Foxes 59:22
Davin Hughes Foxes 67:33
Lucy Hughes Foxes 69:30
Luella Smith Falcons 74:06
David Fellows Foxes 74:51
Harris family Foxes 83:32
Karin and Jason Row Foxes 99:28
Danielle: Cawley Falcons 100:15
Shurli McMillen Falcons 109:33
Toni O'Brien Foxes 115:38
Jenny Hughes Foxes 122:07
Roisin Whaley Foxes 126:03
Barbara St-Laurent Foxes 129:03
Ilze Folkins Foxes 136:33

Classic Course 3, 6.5 km

Name Club Time
Mike Fellows Foxes 54:07
Ed Smith Falcons 105:20
Rob Hughes Foxes 135:27
Vicky Whaley Foxes 152:00
Rolf Ohlsson Foxes 158:45
Harold McaQuade Falcons DNF
Aralee and Michelle Fundy OT

The Sass Peepre Cup

Three teams successfully completed their challenges: With the exception of a Falcon team member on one of the teams, only Fox teams completed: A team's score is the average speed of its members in cm/s: The winner of the Sass Peepre Cup is the Runner Beans, from Fredericton, with a score of 102: The scores for all successful teams are shown below:
Team name Member Member Member Score
Runner Beans Mike Fellows Vicky Whaley Lucy Hughes 102
DDR David Fellows Daven Hughes Rolf Ohlsson 79
Dandelions Roisin Whaley Jenny Hughes Rob Hughes 62

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