2002 Falcon Cup Results

The Falcon Cup was held Sunday, June 16, 2002 on the Maple Grove map in Fundy National Park.
Meet Director: David Ross
Course Setter: Paul Looker
Controller: Wil Smith
An extra big thanks to Wil Smith the course controller and Paul Looker our fly-in course setter.  It looked good enough to me for Paul to complete his level two officiating and Wil his course controller but I will defer that to Stig.  Also a big thanks to Garth and his flying tarps,  Harold on finish line set-up, Rob Black on registration and the finish line,  Danielle on registration, Norm on finish line,  Deane on hot food post race   (we sure needed it with the coolish damp weather) the scouts for the campfires and for all the participants, escpecially those who travelled from afar or for the first time.  I believe that everyone feels that this was an unqualified success despite the fact that the wet cool weather effectively made all the course one level more difficult.  My only regret is that Ed & Luella Smith who have run this event for years were away during the first chance that they would have had to actually just participate!  
The Falcon Cup was won by the Falcon Orienteering club based in Greater Moncton. 
Moncton  Falcons 48
Halifax Hustlers 14
Saint John Fundy Club 9
Fredericton Foxes 7
Individual results:
Course 1
1. Emily Ross  37:25 Falcons
2. Danika Ouellette 50:48 Falcons
1. Jeremie Ouellette 46:46 Falcons
2. Mark Stanford 54:56 Fundy
1. Jan, Peter and Scott Stanford 38:03 Fundy
2. Morgan Family 60:33 Falcons
1.  Marianne Pierce 25:06 Hustlers
Course 2
1. Natasha Ouellette 72:20 Falcons
1. Fraser Ross 38:50 Falcons
2. Ian Black 66:29 Falcons
DNF Scott Estabrooks  Falcons
Wayfarer adult
Sher & Jer Jackson 33:37  Fundy
Family Wayfarer
1. Gen & Marc Lalonde    41:29 Falcons
2. Cameron Maxwell & Deane Ross 45:59 Falcons
3. Ian & Blair Lawrence 54:00 Falcons
4. Genevieve Gascuel and her brothers 103:07 Falcons
Course 3
1. Carol Ross 84:01 Falcons
1. Evan Holder 90:06 Falcons
2. Andrew Noonan 167:40 Falcons
1. Danielle Cawley 110:00 Falcons
2. Don Heron  133:44 Fundy
3. Matt Landry 158:45 Falcons
4. Seetal Sunga 175:37 Hustlers
DNF Bobbie Ross Falcons
DNF Roisin Whaley Foxes
DNF Theresa Whaley Foxes
Course 4
1. Brigitta Ouellette 175:52  Falcons
DNF Aralee Coombes Fundy
F 45
DNF Barb St. Laurent Foxes
1. Michael Haynes 92:43 Hustlers
2. Rolf Ohlsson 146:45 Falcons
3. Harold McQuade 160:07 Falcons
DNF Ray St. Laurent Foxes
1. Stig Skarborn 85:14 Foxes
2. Terry Edgett 98:00 Falcons
DNF David Fellows
1. Toli Folkins 143:54 Foxes
2. Torey Meyer 151:53 Hustlers
Adventure Team training
Andre Bourque, Andre Drapeau & Allan Boudreau 159:38
Course 5
1. Bodil Kliem 101:56 Hustlers
2. Heather Smith 112:18 Falcons
3. Anita O'Brien 115:58 Foxes
4. Karin Kaill 132:50 Hustlers
DNF Victoria Smith Falcons
DNF Vicky Whaley Foxes
1. Norm Richard 118:48 Falcons
DNF Serge Ouellette Falcons
Course 6
1. Michael Smith 102:28 Falcons
2. Nicoli Kliem 134:57 Hustlers
3. Ian Folkins 159:52 Hustlers
DNF Marcus Pinker (fastest time but dropped his control card midway!)
Thanks to all who crossed the line or enjoyed it from the sidelines.  You all made it possible. 
David Ross,   Meet Director

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