2003 UNB Woodlot "B" Meet Results

Appeals to the weather gods failed and the meet was held on a cold, rainy afternoon. The inclement weather seems to have discouraged those who typically run the easier courses. However, those who braved the elements to come out seemed to enjoy themselves.

Meet director: David Fellows

Course Setter: Mike Fellows

UNB Woodlot B Meet May 10, 2003 Results  
Course 1 -- 2.6km 25m climb  
Emily Cronkite Miriam DaneffFoxes48:59
Christen and Cameron MacLean, Roisin Whalley 60:48
Men Open  
Rob HughesFoxes52:02
Course 2 -- 2.9km 60m climb  
Heather, Jeffery and Joel Gerhardt DSQ
Junior Men  
Fraser RossFalcons34:24
Junior Women  
Emily RossFalcons82:08
Women - Open  
Bobbie RossFalcons79:43
Course 3 -- 4.1km 72m climb  
Junior Women  
Natasha OuelletteFalconsDNF
Men - Open  
Brian McEwing 90:30
Greg McAlindenFoxes93:00
Women - Open  
Aralee CoombesFalcons93:47
Barb St.LaurentFoxes111:31
Course 4 -- 5.0km 100m climb  
Women - Open  
Carol RossFalcons84:48
Men - Open  
Paul LookerFundy65:10
Alex WhalleyFoxes68:46
David RossFalcons103:25
Julien NowlanFalcons122:28
Ray St.LaurentFoxes145:43

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