Score Meet

May 15, 2005

Mactaquac Provincial Park

Meet Director:David Fellows 
Course Setter:Stig Skarborn 

The Foxes score meet held at Mactaquac attracted 64 participants. This year the rain didn't begin until 10 minutes after the start. However, a good time seemed to be the order of the day.

The course had 21 controls, 7 worth 1 point, 7 worth 2 points, and 7 worth 3 points for a total possible point score of 42. Penalty for overtime was 3 points/minute. With a course length approaching 12 km for all 21 controls, it was a real challenge to collect all 42 points in 90 minutes. One person did collect all but 2 controls, but took 93:08 to do it which cost 12 penalty points. The moral: you do not want to be late in a score meet.


Brianna Palmer 8
Danika OulletteFalcons4
Victoria LookerFundy4
Andy Tree 18
Natasha OuelletteFalcons28
Martine St. Coeur 8
Ben PhelanFalcons36
Julien NowlanFalcons28
Jeremy LeBlancFalcons17
Cory Thorne 15
Michael Haines 15
Jeremie OulletteFalcons15
Brad Padviskas 8
Eric DelucaFalcons?7
Brigitta OuelletteFalcons22
Roisin WhaleyFoxes12
Serge OullletteFalcons22
Mark DeWittFoxes5
Jenny HughesFoxes17
Toni O'BrienFoxes16
Milda MarkauskasFoxes12
Brenda Tree 12
Kathy Harriot 6
Rolf OhlssonFalcons29
Paul LookerFundy28
Rob HughesFoxes24
David Tree 23
Darryl Jardine 16
Ray St. LaurentFoxes15
Harold McQuaidFalcons12
Don HeronFundy11
Ron Savoie 5
Andrea Teolis, Nathan Scott, LeeAnn Haggerty 20
Meredith, Gary DaneffFoxes17
Jim, Mary, Anne Ketterling 16
Pat, Theresa Ketterling 13
Connie Wilson, Peter LaneFoxes12
Julie Deluca, Julie Bellefleur 12
Lisa Clark, Lori, Rachel, Andrew HeronFundy11
Andrew, Scott StanfordFundy11
Arianne, Aydon LookerFundy10
Megan, Erin Flower, Mark StanfordFundy6
Karin, Marcus, Jason Row, Margit Schaff 5
Laurie, Mirriam, Emily DaneffFoxes0

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