Spring Scramble B and Sass Peepre Cup

June 5, 2005

Odell Park, Fredericton

Meet Director:Rob Hughes 
Course Setter:Ray St-Laurent 

Individual Results

COURSE 1 2.51 km 55 m climb
Junior Female  
Danika OueletteFalcons28:13
Chelsea Hickey FoxesDHB
Amber ThorneFoxesDHB
Junior Male  
Scott StanfordFundy55:16
Andrew and Sidney HamiltonFalcons37:00
Jan, Erin and MeganFundy38:19
Gary and Miriam DaneffFoxes60:28
COURSE 2 3.33 km 90 m climb
Junior Female  
Emily RossFalcons41:57
Martine St.CoeurFoxes58:02
Breanna PalmerFoxesDHB
Junior Male  
Jeremy LeblancFalcons48:36
Andy TreeFoxes49:46
Jeremie OueletteFalcons59:01
Mark StanfordFundy60:39
Taylor BirchFoxes68:57
Cody SomervilleFoxes72:42
Senior Female  
Ariane LookerFundy72:28
Senior Male  
Mark DewittFoxes88:50
Paul and Aydan Looker Fundy62:17
COURSE 3 4.74 km 105 m climb
Junior Female  
Natasha OuelletteFalcons89:45
Junior Male  
Fraser RossFalcons68:03
Dennis ArcherFoxes82:22
Michael HainesFoxes88:16
Bradley PadvaiskasFoxesDSQ
Corey ThorneFoxesDHB
Senior Male  
David CameronFoxes57:02
David TreeFoxes73:03
David FellowsFoxes90:53
Darryl JardineFoxes111:01
Don HeronFundyDHB
Senior Female  
Jenny HughesFoxes79:56
Bobbie RossFalcons94:13
Jim and Anne KetterlingFoxes97:35
Pat and Theresa KetterlingFoxesDTB
COURSE 4 7.50 km 175 m climb
Junior Female  
Carol RossFalcons90:06
Junior Male  
Julien Nowlan Falcons120:39
Senior Female  
Brigitta Ouellette Falcons97:59
Jill ConnellOttawa109:52
Danielle CawleyFalcons147:48
Senior Male  
David RossFalcons82:27
Stig SkarbornFoxes86:11
Harold McQuadeFalcons103:45
Serge OuelletteFalcons107:37
Joel Katelnikoff OVT
 DHB = Did his/her best 
 DTB = Did their best 
 DSQ = Disqualified 
 OVT = Over time 

Sass Peepre Cup Results

Team Average min/km
Falcons Team 1 13.32
Danika Ouellettecourse 1 
Jeremy Leblanccourse 2 
Fraser Rosscourse 3 
Foxes Team 1 14.37
Andy Treecourse 2 
Jenny Hughescourse 3 
Stig Skarborn course 4 
Falcons/Fundy Team 2 16.38
Natasha Ouellettecourse 3 
Carol Rosscourse 4 
Mark Stanfordcourse 2 
Falcons Team 3 16.82
Jeremie Ouellettecourse 2 
Bobbie Rosscourse 3 
Brigitta Ouellettecourse 4 
Falcons/Foxes Team 4 17.11
Emily Rosscourse 2 
David Fellowscourse 3 
Danielle Cawleycourse 4 

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