The Spring Super Challenge Series

The Spring of 2006 brings a new event to our Orienteering club

The Spring Super Challenge Series

Modeled after the Thomass Series which originated with the Ontario 1993 Junior program, this exciting navigation challenge was developed to help keep our orienteers sharp and to provide some orienteering fun for everyone.

The top finishers of each race receive points in decreasing scale starting from 50 points.  For example, if there are 15 participants, first place will get 50, second place - 49 etc.    An individual's top 4 races count toward their series total.  

The Events

Date Challenge Event Venue
Tuesday April 25th Spring Super Challenge Series I Centennial Park
Tuesday May 2nd Spring Super Challenge Series II St. Anselme
Tuesday May 9th Spring Super Challenge Series III St. Anselme
Tuesday May 16th Spring Super Challenge Series IV Mapleton
Tuesday May 23rd Spring Super Challenge Series V Mapleton
Tuesday May 30th Spring Super Challenge Series Final Centennial Park

The Rules

The Challenger Box

Each race will feature a Challenger Box which consists of a set of controls labelled with letters (A,B,C etc) somewhere on the course. Participants may attack the controls in the box in any order. Additionally, participants may drop controls equal to their handicap point total. 

Handicap points are awarded as follows -

Category Handicap
Female Add 2
14 or younger 3
55 or older 3
16 or younger 2
45 or older 2
19 or younger 1
35 or older 1

For example:

The Entry

The cost for the entire series is as follows:

Members Non-Members
Junior $10 Junior $15
Adult $15 Adult $25
Family $30 Family $50

Should you prefer to pay per event:

Members Non-Members
Junior $3 Junior $4
Adult $4 Adult $6
Family $6 Family $12

Pre-registering includes a pre-marked map. The adventure is free!

To pre-register for this series or if you wish to receive more information, please email

The Question

Are you up for the CHALLENGE?

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