Fundy O Fest - Falcon Cup

Fundy National Park, Alma

June 11, 2006

Rain, rain and more rain was the order for the day.  The combination of the rain, the fog cloud that was stuck on the course area, and the very lush Fundy vegetation,  made for very interesting and technical  orienteering.   The volume of rain had caused the marshes  to turn into ponds and the streams were gushing rivers.   As one orienteer stated, there was a lot of "blue" missing on the map.    However the wet weather didn't dampen the spirits of all those that ventured out, and although we didn't get a large turnout, we did get people who came all the way from NY State.   In addition people drove up from Halifax, Amherst, Fredericton and Grand-Bay Westfield.

Photo of Control 1 location

Competitor Club Category Time
Course 1 2.65 km 85m climb  
Danika Ouellette Falcons F12 27:15
Victoria Looker Fundy F12 30:00
Sofia & Alfredo Graziani N/A Wayfarer 46:05
Course 3 3.56 km 85m climb  
Emily Ross Falcons F16 55:32
Avril Lewis & Alice Power  Halifax & NSAC Wayfarer 86:35
Course 4 4.34 km 120m climb  
Graham Ereaux Falcons M17 63:12
Daniel Lewis Halifax M17 128:17

Bobbie Ross

Falcons F45 DNF
Garth Holder Falcons M45 104:39
Peter Lewis Halifax M55 147:09
Ray St-Laurent Foxes M45 DNF
Matt Landry Falcons M-Open DNF
Course 5 4.54 km 100m climb  
Carol Ross Falcons F21 76:40
Natasha Ouellette Falcons F21 92:50
Siobhan Fleming CSU F21 99:55
Gregoire Cormier Falcons M-Open 114:34
Course 6 5.93 km 150m climb  
John Frederickson HVO M21 75:28
Fraser Ross Falcons M21 90:25
Paul Looker Fundy M-Open 96:30
Harold McQuade Falcons M-Open DNF
Ben Phelan Falcons M21 DNF
Graham St-Laurent N/A M21 DNF

Thanks to all of those who came out.  Hope to see you in the woods again soon!

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