Fundy O Fest - 2nd Annual Sprint

Fundy National Park, Alma

June 10, 2006

Not only was this event sanctioned with North American Sprint Series, it also was our driest event of the weekend!

Competitiors group photo

Competitor Club Time
Junior Sprint 1.410 km 50m climb
Emily Ross Falcons 20.46
Danika Ouellette Falcons 28.14
Victoria Looker Fundy 30.14
Robin Brown Fundy 33:20
Female Sprint 1.510 km 50m climb

Carol Ross

Falcons 19:30
Natasha Ouellette Falcons 23:01
Siobhan Fleming CSU 23:14
Bobbie Ross Falcons 40:23
Isabelle Nowlan Unattached DNF
Alice Power NSAC DNF
Male Sprint 1.67 km 60m climb
Fraser Ross Falcons 13:44
John Fredrickson HVO 16:16
Ben Phelan Falcons 16:54
Graham Ereaux Falcons 21:42

Serge Ouellette

Falcons 32:20
Gregoire Cormier Falcons 39:11
Daniel Lewis Halifax 39:42
Harold McQuade Falcons 50:04
Paul Looker Fundy mp  (18:40)
Matt Landry Falcons DNF

Thanks to all of those who came out.  Hope to see you in the woods again soon!

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