Pits of Despair "B" Meet


September 24, 2006

Officials:Benoit Phelan and Fraser Ross

Warm weather and lush green terrain greeted the 30 enthusiasts who returned to the Pits of Despair in Hillsborough. This was the first B meet for Benoit and Fraser to act as officials after taking an officials course last spring. If anything they now realized the extensive amount of time to be invested for an event to come off. Timelines were tight and as usual it turned into a great day and event. Once again the terrain and challenge confirms that this will be an awesome venue once it is remapped. Try to leave those controls out of those dodgey areas!

Congratulations all around. Thanks for all those who travelled from afar (Fredericton and Saint John) and welcome to those who tried orienteering for their first time.  Thanks to all those who helped out!

Competitors group photo

Competitor Club Time
Course 1 2.5 km 75m climb


Sand & Rob Russell-Atkinson & Family   64:07
Course 2 2.8 km 75m climb

Male Junior

Jeremy LeBlanc Falcons 32:46
Aiden Looker Fundy 102:12

Female Junior

Victoria Looker Fundy 70:43
Robin Brown Fundy 108:40

Female Senior

Rosemary Leblanc   72:31
Ariane Looker Fundy 102:07
Course 3 km m climb


Emily Ross Falcons 78:45
Bobbie Ross Falcons 134:45
Barb St. Laurent Foxes 139:25


Rolf Olfasson   89:53


Garth Holder & Cody Falcons 102:12
Course 4 4.7 km 165m climb


Natasha Ouellette Falcons 71:52


Graham Ereaux Falcons 66:37
Sean Ritchie Unattached 80:33
David Ross Falcons 86:00
Daniel Richard Falcons 88:11
Dan Doiron Falcons 102:11
Greg Cormier Falcons 107:02
Paul Looker Fundy 113:03
Ray St. Laurent Foxes 204:29
Julien Nowlan Falcons DNF
Harold McQuade Falcons DNF

Thanks to all of those who came out.  Hope to see you in the woods again soon!

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