Park Scene Investigation

June 18, 2006

Woolastook Park

Meet Director:Rob Hughes 
Course Setter:Rob Hughes 
Controller:David Fellows 

Following multiple weekends of monsoon rains, the sun shone on the first event to be held At Woolastook park since 1997. Temperatures were around 26C, which made seeking shade the comfortable thing to do after finishing. There were essentially three courses, with variations ("challenge" options) on courses 2 and 3, making a slate of 5 courses altogether. The toughest course, the "SAS Challenge", proved the most popular choice by far. Results on this course were quite closely clustered, despite the opportunity for variations in control order for controls 2-7. Conditions were perfect for the post-race barbecue, and burgers and sausages all disappeared in short order. We were happy to see the return of some faces we had not seen for awhile, as well as some newcomers.


COURSE 1 -Forensic2.13 km 40 m climb
Junior female  
Victoria LookerFundy38:19
Ariane and Aydan LookerFundy37:00
COURSE 2 - CSIS 3.67 km 60 m climb
Junior female 65:11
Danika OueletteFalcons 
Grant-McLoughlin, Heather and MoiraFoxes82:34
Vivian Hsu and Tim GiddensFoxes104:28
COURSE 2+, CSIS Challenge 3.89 km85 m climb
Junior female  
Emily RossFalcons58:10
Senior Male  
David FellowsFoxes64:12
Peter LaneFoxes69:13
COURSE 3 - SAS 5.41 km 130 m climb
Senior female  
Jenny HughesFoxesDHB
Senior male  
Ray St LaurentFoxes161:39
Julien NowlanFalconsMP
COURSE 3+, SAS Challenge5.82 km 160 m climb
Junior female  
Carol RossFalcons110:52
Junior male  
Fraser RossFalcons89:02
Graham EreauxFalcons93:26
Daven HughesFoxes128:31
Senior female  
Brigitta OueletteFalcons117:06
Bobbie RossFalconsDHB
Senior male  
Paul LookerFundy95:41
Serge OueletteFalcons102:21
Harold McQuadeFalcons103:08
Graham St-LaurentFoxes105:14
Andrew Lowery-110:55
Jim KetterlingFoxes115:58

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