Rockwood Park, Saint John

May 20th , 2007

Meet Director/Course Setter: Paul Looker 
This event used the northen portion of the city park, near the Cherry Brook Zoo. It was a beautiful day for orienteering. The weather in Saint John, normally cool, foggy, or rainy, co-operated once again with our request put forth to the "powers that be". The crowd that showed up, were treated to some rather challenging courses. Course #3, as the results show below, was "perhaps" too difficult and long. But, even though that was the case, all returned and actually seemed to have enjoyed the diabolical course planner's twisted sense of humour.
CompetitorClub Category Time
Course One   
Scott StanfordFundyMale43:12
Jeremie RoyFoxesMale55:45
Peter, Jan, Andrew StanfordFundyGroup38:37
The Farrell FamilyFundyGroup45:12
Aydan, Ariane LOOKERFundyGroup46:58
Course 2   
Danika OuelletteFalconsFemale80:35
Victoria LookerFundyFemale85:31
Amber RichardsFoxesFemale140:26
Mitchell NashFoxesMale65:00
Mark StanfordFundyMale66:34
Mark DewittFoxesMale144:35
Course 3   
Rolf OhlssonFalconsMale93:37
Julien NowlanFalconsMale154:11
Emily RossFalconsFemale119:49
Denise HamelFundyFemaleDHB
Milda MarkausasFoxesFemaleDHB
Vivian HSUFalconsFemaleDHB
Bobbi RossFalconsFemaleDHB
Course 4   
Natasha OuelletteFalconsFemale102:53
Brigitta OuelletteFalconsFemaleDHB
Fraser RossFalconsMale84:58
David RossFalconsMale90:25
Phil BackmanFundyMale105:27
Harold McQuadeFalconsMale112:04
Shawn BethuneFalconsMale113:57
Gregoire CormierFalconsMale117:15
Serge OuelletteFalconsMaleDHB

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