Rockwood Mini-Rogaine

Rockwood Park, Saint John, NB

June 10th 2007

Event Officials: Shawn Bethune & Paul Looker

This was the third event hosted by the Fundy Club this Spring. And it was the first orienteering event that Shawn had planned. It was a magnificent day, and the orienteering was superb. A special "thank you" to Shawn and the volunteers he brought with him.

4-hour event  
Denise Hamel Fundy 460
Jenny Hughes Foxes 110
Graham Ereaux Falcons 900
Robert Hughes Foxes 660
David Ross* Falcons 570
Phil Backman Fundy 540
Peter Adamson Fundy 500
Steve Adamson Fundy 500
Terry Edgett Falcons 400
Brian Head Falcons 380
Harold McQuade Falcons 320
Joe Kennedy Fundy 280
Ray St. Laurent* Foxes 180
* Late starters  
2-hour event  
name club points
The Lookers Fundy 130
Mark Dewitt & Amy Foxes100
Bobbi Ross Falcons 180
Brenda Tree Foxes 170
Jan Stanford Fundy 140
Barb St-Laurent Foxes 120
Victoria Looker Fundy 70
Robyn Brown Fundy 70
Katie Hovey Foxes 50
Julien Nowlan Falcons 310
Andy Tree Foxes 300
David Tree Foxes 300
Mark Stanford Fundy 260
Perry Riley Fundy 260
Andrew Stanford Fundy 140
Kyle Hunter Foxes 50

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