Sass Peepre Cup - B Meet

Mactaquac Park, Fredericton, NB

October 21, 2007

Meet Director: Peter Lane 
Course Setter: Stig Skarborn 

After a full day of hard rain, (just right for hanging controls) the Foxes hosted the Sass Peepre Event in Mactaquac Park. It was such a beautiful and warm day that having sufficient water for participants was more of a concern than hypothermia, which has been a concern in past years.

With only a few last minute registrations to take care of (thankfully most people had pre-registered, including the 56 cadets), things started on time. A couple of participants didn't quite understand the concept of a staging line from which they were to proceed to the "start line", and had to called back after they ran off into the woods. And there was the person who was off to the washroom when his number was called, and the person who was hard of hearing and didn't hear her name called? But these are all normal things in the life of a meet director I'm sure.

A Safety Bearing meeting was held with the juniors who wanted to run course 4. Those that demonstrated they could proceed on a safety bearing were permitted to run the course, while a couple of people realized that course 3 was a better choice for them.

There were a half a dozen participants who were over the course closing time and we sent a car looking for one person who was well off the course and would have been a least another 25 - 30 minutes getting back on his own. In the end all arrived back safe and sound.

The four Cadet teams competing for the Sass Peepre cup were disqualified, leaving the Falcons' "Autumn Runners" team consisting of Peter Stanford, Course 1, Emily Ross, Course 3, and Julien Nowlan, Course 4 to easily take home the prized cup. Congratulations!

There was the usual predictable debate about the accuracy of the map and the placement of the controls; sometimes it seems this is as much fun as actually running the courses!

I would like to thank Stig Skarborn, Course Setter, and Connie Wilson and Suzanne McKinley, who looked after registration and results, for their contributions which led to success of the event.

Individual results follow:
Competitor Club Time
Course 1 2.3 km 
Junior Male  
Peter Stanford  55:01
Adult Female  
Carla Cummings  53:56
Adult Male  
Mark Dewitt Foxes 45:21
Steve Heron & Family Fundy 49:24
Lori Dunphy & Family  54:42
Course 2 2.9 km 80 m
Junior Female  
Kim Coffin Unit 242 46:23
Amy Doucette Unit 2708 DSQ
Marlee Smith Unit 107 DSQ
Victoria Looker Fundy DSQ
Tamara Hamilton Unit 318 DSQ
Megan Atyeo Unit 2708 DSQ
Brittany Desroches Unit 148 DSQ
Junior Male  
Benjamin Nielsen Unit 107 49:08
Zane Gorham Unit 242 56:02
Dylan Woods Unit 148 60:08
Joshua Brown Unit 560 64:14
Justin Leblanc Unit1535 70:05
Nicholas Boyd Unit 2335 118:48
Brody Oulton Unit 2335 123:48
Matthew Atyeo Unit 2708 139:17
Kirk Porter Unit 318 DSQ
Robbie Squires Unit 1231 DSQ
Kyle Hunter Unit 242 DSQ
Sean Petipas Unit 1535 DSQ
William Underhill Unit 2335 DSQ
Curtis Tremblay Unit 2708 DSQ
Matthew Dehmel Unit 1231 DSQ
Curtis Maynard Unit 560 DSQ
Adult Female  
Peter Dunphy & Family  56:35
Course 3 4 km 120 m
Junior Female  
Emily Ross Falcons 67:59
Kaily Norris Unit 107 135:34
Cynda Fitzsimmons Unit 1535 173:43
Tamara Wright Unit 560 180:49
Kristen Doncaster Unit 2335 188:03
Tara Broad Unit 318 197:12
Michelle Flanagon Unit 560 DSQ
Junior Male  
Andy Tree Unit 242 64:24
Tshimanje Hans Unit 242 65:35
Chris Benoit Unit 1535 93:02
Mark Stanford  94:12
Jordan Duplessis Unit 560 98:04
Parker Getson Unit 107 132:29
Greg Thomas Unit 1535 141:26
Matthew McCormick Unit 107 155:06
Bruce Naud Unit 1231 160:27
DJ Layden Unit 148170:29
Taylor Cole Unit 2335 182:00
Matthew McCarthy Unit 318 186:50
Jody Cousins Unit 318 DSQ
Matthew Day Unit 1231 DSQ
Jason Kenny Unit 2335 DSQ
James Beek Unit 2708 DSQ
Patrick Beek Unit 2708 DSQ
Adult Female  
Luella Smith Falcons 75:15
Barb St. Laurent Foxes 97:00
Bobbie Ross Falcons 97:38
Adult Male  
David Tree Foxes 55:19
Milda Markauskas and Meredith Brewer Foxes 131:08
Susan Guravich and Sharon Robertson and Heather Perry  134:42
Course 4 6.2 km 165 m
Junior Male  
Brodie Sveinson Unit 148 104:28
Michael Haines Unit 242 121:05
Adam Bourque Unit 318 153:13
Brennan Norris Unit 107 155:26
Richard Leblanc Unit 560 DSQ
Michael Downing Unit 1535 DSQ
Jonathan Hughes Unit 148 DSQ
Adult Male  
David Ross Falcons 93:09
Harold McQuade Falcons 107:57
Rolf Ohisson Falcons 108:05
Julien Nowlan Falcons 127:07
Dave Fellows Foxes 131:40

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