Saint Mark's Challenge Score-O

Rockwood Park, Saint John

May 5th , 2007

Meet Director/Course Setter: Paul Looker 
Saint Marks, the hosting Scout troop, have held an annual orienteering challenge for many years. This year's event was held in conjunction with the Scouting "Dr. Pete" weekend. There was a great turn-out, with the number of particpants around the 100 person mark. Approximately 1/4 were ONB members. I do not have the results from the scouting side of the competition, so only those of ONB are included below.
Junior Female    
Rachel & MelanieFundy10099:35
Danika OuelletteFalcons9082:20
Victoria LookerFundy9082:20
Robyn BrownFundy8584:06
Senior Female   
Brigitta OuelletteFalcons235122:00
Emily RossFalcons225116:05
Jan (+ Andrew) StanfordFundy125108:00
Aralee CoombsFalcons115121:00
Bobbi RossFalcons11082:53
Ariane LookerFundy9098:00
The Heron Clan* would have had 100 points but lost card  
Junior Male   
Graham EreauxFalcons275114:30
Mark StanfordFundy12096:03
Scott & RichardFundy11096:20
Senior Male   
Ben PhelanFalcons275108:00
David RossFalcons275112:42
Gregoire CormierFalcons235119:00
Terry EdgettFalcons210112:03
Serge OuelletteFalcons205113:36

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