The Icebreaker Snogaine

January 13, 2007

Woolastook Park, Fredericton

Meet Director:Rob Hughes, Andrew Lowery   
Course Setter:Rob Hughes, Andrew Lowery   

The Foxes teamed up with the Fredericton Adventure Racing Club to stage the Icebreaker Snogaine, held at Woolastook on January 13th. When the planning was being done we hoped for snow, and the opportunity to ski and snowshoe. The New Year started green and brown rather than white, although by race day, there were a few inches of snow on the ground. Not enough to ski in the woods, and no need for snowshoes. Some of the adventure racers tried out their bikes, but all except one decided to tackle the course on foot.

The turnout was pleasing, and suggests that "off-season" events are viable. We got lucky with the weather, which started cloudy with a temperature around the freezing mark, and ended with bright sun with the thermometer a few degrees lower. Many controls were easy, in case access was primarily skiing on the trails, but there were some "deep woods" controls to entertain the more adventurous navigators. There was a great diversity of people at the starting line, including bikers, adventure racers, marathon canoeists, skiers, marathoners, and orienteers. Also pleasing was the spread of ages, with a high proportion of juniors. Several racers attended from Halifax, and we were pleased to see regulars from the Falcons and Fundy clubs.


4 hr Junior Solo    
Graham EreauxFalcons1820 1820
Daven HughesFoxes1330 1330
4 hr Junior Team    
Ashley Austin, Brittany Moore, Haley Penney, Alecia DretzkatCadet840 840
Kian Hutchinson, Tanner Stein, Colby SmithCadet470 470
4 hr Adult Solo    
Dave Eaton-2000 2000
Brad Toms-1960 1960
Terry EdgettFalcons1680 1680
Harold McQuadeFalcons1670 1670
Peter LaneFoxes1460 1460
Jeremy Mathers-1210 1210
Jenny HughesFoxes900 900
4 hr Adult Team    
Shawn Taylor, Kristen Steeves-1710 1710
Jim Ketterling, Pat KetterlingFoxes1680 1680
Nat Couture, Iuliana Popescu-1590 1590
Bob Matthews, Bev McMurtrie-1430 1430
Josh Dick, Troy Johnston-1350 1350
Milda Markauskas, Barry MonsonFoxes1230 1230
Tyler Silliker, Tyson Silliker, Cedric Mallars, Adam Love-1150 1150
2 hr Junior Team    
Paul Looker, Victoria Looker, Aydan Looker, Robin BrownFundy410 410
2 hr Adult Solo    
Ariane LookerFundy490 490
Eric Porcellato-810500310
2 hr Adult Team    
Geroge Versloot, Tracy Thibodeau-770 770
Sue Guravich, Lily Fraser and Sharon Robertson-550 550

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