ARC 2008 Mini-Rogaine, No 1

Rockwood Park, Saint John, NB

June 08, 2008

Meet Director:Paul Looker  

It was a small turn out for the first in a series of four mini-rogaine events that make up the new Atlantic Raid Challenge (ARC 2008). The weather was perfect for running, though the volunteers found it chilly while waiting for the participants to complete their courses. The sun came out as the event progressed and a BBQ was awaiting all those that finished. Both Courses were set as runner's courses and both were cleared by at least one person. The 4-hour event was cleared with a a 9 minute penalty for late arrival. There was one participant from Nova Scotia.

2-Hour Event 20 controls430 points
Individual Male   
Graham Ereaux83:404303333
Mark Stanford116:303002325
Andrew Stanford116:303002325
Individual Female   
Bobbie Ross121:07170(-10)1318
Ariane Looker105:1880620
Recreational Group   
Victoria and Dylan109:26110853
4-Hour Event 30 controls900 points 
Individual Male   
David Ross249:27810(-90)2997
Harold McQuade236.197502775
Julien Nowlan234:287002590
Phil Backman229:506402368
Riley Peregrine242:16540(-20)1998
Joe Kennedy240:004501665
Ray Quan243:05110(-30)407
Individual Female   
Denise Hamel236:114701739
Alice Power162:4390333
Recreational Group   
Milda Markaskaus and Barry Monson238:26210777

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