NB Championships Falcon Cup Sass Peepre Cup 2009 Results

June 14, 2009

Fundy National Park

Meet Director:David Ross 
Course Setter:Harold McQuade 

This year the Falcon Cup and Sass Peepre Cup were awarded based on performance in the NB Championship meet.

The Falcon cup is a club award and in 2009 was won by the Falcons. Points are awarded to the first three positions in each age class.

The Sass Peepre Team Cup trophy is named after a Swede who move to Canada and introduced the sport of orienteering to Canadians in the 1960's.

The trophy is awarded to the team with the fastest average time in minutes per km. Each team must have at least one orienteer from each sex and all team members must run on different courses. Four teams competed this year and the results/km were very close. The winning team was Andrew Heron, Aralee Coombes, and David Ross.

2009 Sass Peepre Cup Scores
Andrew Heron, Aralee Coombes & David Ross 20.7 min/km
Team Ouellette with Danika, Brigitta & Serge 20.9 min/km
Victoria Melanson, David Fellows & Stig Skarborn 21.1 min/km
Gabriel Coombes, Emily Ross & Gregoire Cormier 23.3 min/km


New Brunswick Championships Individual Results
COURSE 13.1 km60 m
Rachel HeronFundy47:15
Andrew HeronFundy47:40
COURSE 22.9 km55 m
Victoria MelansonFundy58:16
Gabriel CoombesFalcons47:33
Maureen HolderFalconsdnf
COURSE 32.6 km50 m
Danika OuelletteFalcons46:41
Alice PowerNorth Shore Adventurers74:47
David FellowsFoxes61:38
Troy SmithCape Breton47:07
Emily & Hannah CromptonFalcons37:44
COURSE 42.9 km50 m
F 21 elite  
Emily RossFalcons48:47
Brigitta OuelletteFalcons50:48
Aralee CoombesFalcons71:09
Cheryl SmithCape Breton72:34
Bobbie RossFalcons96:46
Garth HolderFalcons61:42
Stig SkarbornFoxes56:53
Kyle Fitzpatrick, Ethan McClellan and Jeff Danielsindp77:50
Hunter MacDonald and Lee Matthewsindp109:59
Course 53.5 km135 m
M21 elite  
Graham EreauxFalcons48:17
David RossFalcons77:30
Serge OuelletteFalcons95:25
Gregoire CormierFalcons128:51

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