Odell Park Score O

May 24, 2009

Odell Park, Fredericton

Meet Director: Paul Looker
Course Setter: Paul Looker

Event Summary

This was the first time that I have planned an event in Odell Park. From an organizer's standpoint it was a delight. The location and size of this venue made preparation for this event a cake walk compared to some other events that I have had to prepare for. Odell is a little wooded oasis right near the Fredericton city center. And, May 24th was a beautiful day in the park!

As a heavily used urban park there are a slew of trail systems that facilitate the planning of beginner level courses and control placement. Which, as most course planners know, are often the control points that are the most difficult to plan for. Sure, as with any easily accessible park, there are new trails that appear from time to time. And, certain areas that are not recommended for use due to issues with other park users. But, neither of these facts interfered with a fun day of orienteering.

There were 21 participants in the Score-O, with 3 participants actually clearing the entire course. Bonus points for finishing early proved to be the deciding factor in some cases. The fastest time on the course belongs to Andy Tree with a perfect score of 475 points in 68:23.

The prizes of gift certificates to Paradise Imports (coffee shop) and Dairy Queen proved to be popular with both young and old.

Thank you everyone for coming out. Hope you had as much fun as I did. Thanks to newcomer Scott Porter for helping with the pick up of controls, and David Fellows for all his help during registration. I will definitely be planning more events in the park in the future.

Until the next time...



Competitor Affiliation Time Points
Senior Men    
Gregoire Cormier Falcons 74:59 475
Frankie Tse HKOC 78:00 465
David Tree Foxes 86:28 420
Michael Price OANS 93:50 305
Scott Porter Foxes 92:45 220
Mark Dewitt Foxes 79:12 185
Ray St-Laurent Foxes 97:00 120
Senior Women   
Bobbie Ross Falcons 79:46 370
Brenda Tree Foxes 75:36 275
Barb St. Laurent Foxes 84:42 260
Junior Men   
Andy Tree Foxes 68:23 475
Nicholas Ingalls Foxes 84:09 300
Tristan Raub Foxes 75:35 190
Junior Women   
Rachel Heron Fundy 56:05 205
Kim Coffin Foxes 84:05 335
Steve & Andrew Heron Fundy 69:16 220
Blaine & Gracelyn Godin Foxes 90:00 170
Victoria & Elias Melanson Fundy Overtime0

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