Rockwood Park B Meet

June 7, 2009

Rockwood Park, Saint John

Meet Director: Harold McQuade
Course Setter: Paul Looker

Event Summary:

Sunday, June 07th, was a beautiful day for orienteering in the port City of Saint John, NB. A small group of orienteers were treated to a fantastic, sunny afternoon in the woods of Rockwood Park. And, best of all there were no mosquitos!

9 year old Andrew Heron of the Fundy region put in a great performance in completing his first course by himself. Mom, Lori, had a difficult time just trying to keep up on the challenging level one course.

Course two was a closely contested affair with all the competitors finishing within less than seven minutes of each other. Victoria Melanson of the Fundy region was the course leader with a time of 81:32. And Elias, we found your punch card less than 50 meters from the finish line.

The hotly contested course three was an all Falcons affair. Once again, the finishing participants completed the 4 km course with less then seven minutes separating the first and last person.

On course four, Shawn Bethune demonstrated that he is well on the way to recovery from a nagging injury that has plagued him for the last year with a solid performance. Shawn finished in first with a 3 minute 12 second lead over the second place finisher.

[Due to everybody forgetting, the Sass Peepre Cup was not competed for. - Webmaster]

I really enjoyed the time I spent in the woods of Rockwood Park in preparation for this event even with all the changes that are occurring. The park is undergoing major renovations around the Lilly lake entrance, and the gas pipeline installed last year is now starting to grow over. There does not appear to be any further work being done along the pipeline so hopefully the area can be re-mapped soon. There are many new mountain bike trails in areas of the park that used to be quite inaccessible to most park visitors, so the park is a continuously changing environment for orienteers. With the park`s continued development and increasing level of use by the many competing outdoor groups, I foresee that one day it will be very difficult to actually set level 4 courses in Rockwood. The one good thing that I observed, is that some bike trails appear to become less favourable as new areas are being developed. Some of the biking trails are actually becoming harder to discern from lack of use.

But, in the meantime... What a place to orienteer! Thanks to all who came out.

Paul Looker


Competitor Affiliation Time
COURSE 1 2.9 km  
Andrew Heron Fundy 52:00
Course 2 3.4 km 
Victoria Melanson Fundy 81:32
Gabriel Coombs Falcons 82:50
Rachel Heron Fundy 86:53
Elias Melanson Fundy 88:02
Course 3 4.0 km 
Emily Ross Falcons 111:08
Bobbie Ross Falcons 112:09
Aralee Coombs Falcons 113:50
Emily Crompton Falcons 115:54
Garth Holder Falcons 117:10
Keegan Eatmon Falcons 117: 15
Steve Heron Fundy DHB
Denise Heron Fundy DHB
Course 4 4.7 km 
Shawn Bethune Fundy 81:49
David Ross Falcons 85:01
Phil Backman Fundy 93:43
Harold McQuade Falcons 137:50
Gregoire Cormier Falcons 138:00

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