Victoria Park Individual Relay

Victoria Park, Moncton

May 26, 2009

Course organizer: David Ross
Assistants: Bobbie Ross, Garth Holder and others

This was the first event on this new tiny map with a scale of 1:1,800. There was only one course 1.9km long with a 2.5 m climb! There were three maps with three racers starting at the same time. Each runner did a map exchange twice. The weather was perfect and and everyone enjoyed the change of venue.


Competitor Time
Graham Ereaux 10:04
Olivier Berger 11:58
Marc Thibodeau 12:50
Elmer Wade 14:11
Aralee Coombs 14:45
Emily Ross 15:27
Zoe & Hannah 15:50
Bobbie Ross 17:57
Garth Holder 18:55
Jacob & Kyle 28:43
Jeremiah Coombs 29:27
Gabe Coombs 30:27
Maureen Holder finished

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