Falcon Cup

White Rock Recreation Area, Hillsborough, NB

June 6, 2010

Meet Director:Bobbie Ross 
Course Setter:David Ross 

The Falcon Cup has finally passed to the Fundy Club of Saint John for the first time in it's 22 year history. The Stanford family tipped the balance in this most particpants event.

Unfortunately one of the controls half way through course 5 was placed on a parallel feature and ended up with a voided course. Otherwise the venue in the west part of the quarry with a view 70 feet below to the finish area was stellar.

Thanks to all those who helped including Harold at the finish chute, those who helped pick up controls, and for my wife walking to the finish area 50 minutes on crutches. My humbplest apologies to those who were on course five.

COURSE 1 1.9 km 40 m climb
Peter StanfordFundy34:56
COURSE 2 1.8 km 40 m climb
Scott StanfordFundy42:27
Andrew & Jan StanfordFundy 61:55
COURSE 3 2.6 km 85 m climb
Mark StanfordFundy 87:06
COURSE 4 4.4 km 120 m climb
Julien NowlanFalcons 130:35
COURSE 5 6.0 km 155 cm climb
M elite course annuled due to a control in the wrong spot 
Phil BackmanFundy 
Graham EreauxFalcons 
Gregoire CormierFalcons 
Bruce Roberts  
Shawn BethuneFundy 
Harold McQuadeFalcons 

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