2010 New Brunswick Championships

Hillsborough, NB

October 3, 2010

Course Setter: Harold McQuade 
Meet Director: David Ross 

Perfect weather greeted the small enthusiastic group who tackled a set of terrific courses in the north eastern portion of the Pits of Despair map.

Delicious food was prepared by our O chef Bobbie Ross.

Congratulations to all those who achieved their goals as well as our new NB champions: Andrew, Rachel, Bobbie, Terry and Julien.

Course 1  
M 12  
Andrew HeronONB 18:07
Course 2  
Rachel Heron ONB 33:43
F Open  
Lori Heron ONB 34:06
Janine and Guillaume DesjardinsONB 37:16
Course 3  
M Open  
Troy SmithNS dnf
Course 4  
F 45  
Bobbie RossONB 187:53
M Open  
Steve HeronONB72:41
M 55  
Terry EdgettONB130:08
Course 5  
F Elite  
Cheryl SmithNS71:30
M Elite  
Julien NowlanONB153:58
Bruce RobertsNS 197:20

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