The OOPS "O" [Orienteering, Odell Park, Score "O"]

Odell Park, Fredericton, NB

April 18th, 2010

Meet Director: Paul Looker

On Sunday, the forecast for the weather in Fredericton was rather ominous. It had rained the night before and the temperature had dipped close to the freezing point. It was one of those mornings where it may have seemed tempting to stay in a nice, toasty warm bed just a little longer than usual. I know I definitely felt that way. But, I had to get going and finish preparing for the afternoon's event. Breakfast was taken on the run and finished in the car as I arrived at the park. And, as I was walking away from my car to start setting out the remaining controls there was a couple minutes of snow mixed in with the rain. I felt then that the orienteering was just going to be awesome....

Fortunately, as the morning progressed and I was becoming more or less satisfied with the placement of some of the last controls, the sun actually came out and its warmth started to take some of the chill away. I thought to myself laughingly that I may have brought some of that infamous Port City sunshine with me after all!

At the one o'clock start the brave-hearted souls that made the trek to Odell Park were given a last minute run down on the course and set free to roam the city park for an hour and a half. The sixteen participants all returned to the start/finish area with smiles on their faces. The last participant arriving just seconds before the end of the allotted time. While the orienteers enjoyed a hot cocoa and discussed the different control points and how they got there, a quick tabulation of the points earned by each person was done. With 10 controls valued at 10, 20, and 30 points each a clearing of the course would have resulted in 600 points. The top finisher came close to achieving this and actually had some time to spare when he completed his run.

The results are as follows:

Place Name Region Time (min:sec) Points
1 Andy Tree Fredericton 81:20 560 pts.
2 Rob Hughes Fredericton 89:40 550 pts.
3 David Tree Fredericton 85:27 520 pts.
4 Shawn Bethune Saint John 88:45 500 pts.
5 Stig Skarborn Fredericton 89:15 490 pts.
6 Alex & Nyamaa Fredericton 89:30 430 pts.
7 Jenny Hughes Fredericton 86:15 340 pts.
8 Heron Family Saint John 75:36 270 pts.
9 Elias Melanson Saint John 73:40 210 pts.
10 Victoria Melanson Saint John 74:40 210 pts.
11 Mark Dewitt Fredericton 90:00 210 pts.
12 Rachel Heron Saint John 65:35 180 pts.
13 Theresa Whaley Fredericton 81:40 140 pts.

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