2010 Wicked Ski-O Results

Odell Park, Fredericton

January 23, 2010

Meet Director:Rob Hughes  
Course Setter:Rob Hughes  
Assistant:Eric Hadley  

The event was planned at short notice but was a success, with over 20 skiers enjoying near-perfect snow and weather conditions. There was about 10-15 cm of new powder snow on a solid base. The event was run in score format with 15 controls spanning the map, a few at the top of the hill and more at the bottom, to provide opportunities for slower skiers. Course planning is different than "bare ground" events as travel times can be faster - in the end, no-one managed to reach all controls in the time allowed, which was 1 hour for ONB members and 75 minutes for the Wostawea ski club "track attackers" who ranged in age from about 9 to 18. Some showed up with compasses! The top score was 120/150 possible points. Two ONB cadet members who are also biathlon athletes did their best, but got slowed down on some of the narrower tracks.

Mark DewittFoxes35:0030
Kim CoffinFoxes55:0090
Andrew TreeFoxes55:0090
Molly Kerr, Antonio MolinaWostawea75:00120
Peter Ball, Kevin Watmough, Cameron HaighWostawea75:0090
Peter Fox, Don FoxWostawea75:0090
Suzanna Vietinghoff, Megan McKeownWostawea75:0080
Sebastian RichardWostawea75:0080
David FoxWostawea75:0070
Ronan Grey, Ruth SavidgeWostawea75:0060
Connor Grey, Louisa SchwarzWostawea75:0060
Lucy Miller, Keara Grey, Charlotte SchwarzWostawea75:00no card
Isaac Miller, Lars SchwarzWostawea75:000

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