Race the Tide on the Ocean Floor

Hopewell Rocks

May 8, 2010

Meet Director:Bobbie Ross 
Course Setter:David Ross 
Assistant Registrar:Aralee Coombes 

Twenty four orienteers experienced the thrill of the challenge of the Rocks.

The weather was cool and overcast, the tide was low, and spirits were high. The 2.1 km sprint course with 19 controls and one decoy on a parallel feature challenged and fooled a few and almost the course setter. Control 431 was on a parallel feature but in a different cove 200 m from where some of the competitors thought they were. The 1:5000 scale maps were on opposite sides of the same page using the design that was pioneered by Mike Smith at the COC2008 week.

Field checking was done just the week before due to spring freeze/thaw rock falls activity that occurs each year. The vegetation was essentially the same which is unique for our NB maps.

Thanks to Heath Johnson for mustering the scouts from his Steeves Memorial Troup, our registration crew help, those that retrieved controls,those who drove from Fredericton and to our furthest participant from James Bay!

Prizes included a pristine map for all participants as many were muddied or badly creased. Irving gift cards were provided for the oldest, the youngest, the one who travelled the furthest and the vehicle driver that had the most passengers!

The last control was plucked from the far end of the course with one foot of tide to spare at the lowest pillar. The retriever was delighted to not spend the night at the emergency shelter.

This map provides a unique challenge to the course setter as there is a narrow window on the placement and retrieval of controls. Thorough knowledge of the map is required for any of you anticipating setting the course here in the future. All the controls were placed on electric fence stands that had a deep enough spike to be secure. The park was not officially open yet so there was no park entrance fee and the cables that restrict the neat part of the map had not yet been redeployed for the 2010 season.


Jr M  
Chris StevensonFalcons22:17
Gabe CoombesFalcons26:23
Fraser RossFalcons 15:06
Harold McQuadeFalcons32:53
Ray St. LaurentFoxes38:13
Marc LalondeFalconsmp
Bobbie RossFalcons26:02
Aralee CoombesFalcons30:01
Barb St. LaurentFoxes37:29
Mary StevensonFalcons40:00
Theresa WhaleyFoxes53:08
Jenny HughesFoxesmp
Jr Male Team  
Alexander Langille & Brennan PittmanSteeves Memorial Scouts38:59
Nevan Barar & Nicholas MacLeanSteeves MemorialScouts39:15
Jacob Armstrong, Ethan Wright, & Oliver RiceSteeves Memorial Scouts42:03
Coed Adult Team  
Heath Johnson & Jessie RichardFalcons21:23
Alex Whaley and NyamaaFoxes23:19
Female Adult Team  
Meghan Gidden & Jennifer Jarvis 23:22

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