CATI 2010

UNB Woodlot Fredericton, NB

May 30th, 2010

Meet Director: Paul Looker
Assistant: Victoria Looker

Despite all the weather forecasts predicting rain the weather for the event day was fantastic. A bright sunny day, with enough wind to keep the majority of mosquitos and deer flies away. It was a day made for orienteering.

Unfortunately, the participant turn-out for this event was not so fantastic. This is entirely attributable to the meet dirtector (myself) not staying in touch with all the changes occurring in ONB and assuming that a schedule had been posted well in advance for the planned events this year. Well, when I did get around to checking our website out there was no mention of this event. So using the new calender system I threw a minimal amount of information together to populate the system and was able to get the event posted on-line a week or two in advance. Planning the courses using the variety of course planning software, and trying to use mapping software to update the Woodlot map was also very frustrating as I just do not use these programs often enough. Each time that I sit down to plan a course is just like starting over. And , it ends up that the majority of time is spent fiddling with computer programs to get everything to print out to the correct scale. I guess I will have to get on the band-wagon and catch up with the 21st century to remain involved in orienteering.

For those few who showed up, they appeared to have enjoyed themselves and at the end of their event each participant was awarded gift certificates from either Dairy Queen or Paradise Imports (specialty coffees). While re-hydrating and talking about their courses it appeared that the consensus was that the woodlot still has a lot of potential and is a good map for middle distance events. There is definitely mapping that needs to be done for all the changes that have occurred due to commercial development and the forestry students activities.


Place Name Region Time (min:sec)
Course # 2   
1. Mark Dewitt Fredericton 129:50
Course # 3   
1. Peter Lane Fredericton 122:30
2. Bobbie Ross Moncton DNF
3. Connie Lane Fredericton DNF
Course # 4   
1. David Ross Moncton 95:55
2. Heath Johnson Moncton 114:39
3. Julien Nowlan Moncton 150:39

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