2010 Woolly Snogaine Results

March 7, 2010

Woolastook Park and area

Director: Rob Hughes
Course Setter: Rob Hughes
Fieldwork: Rob Hughes, Alex Whaley, Jenny Hughes
Timing, safety, dishwashing, walkie-talkies, etc: Peter Lane
Photography, general help, food service: Jenny Hughes

The event was held in great spring conditions with a sunny and warm day, reaching over +9C after a start of -5C. The overnight frost firmed up the snow and made the going a lot easier than it had been over the previous two weeks while setting the event. At that time we were post-holing through the snow up to our knees without snowshoes. On event day, snowshoes weren't really necessary . No-one opted to ski, although many areas were skiable. Base camp was Kelly's Lodge which is a great spot to use for this sort of event. Everyone seemed to have a good time.... including a couple of dogs...and the main issue seemed to be judging the cut-off time, with the result that quite a few teams fell foul of the draconian penalty point scheme and ended up with a zero score. Two teams managed to reach all control points and get back on time however....overall winner was Nat Couture in the solo category while the Nova Scotia team of Andrew Lowery, Shawn Taylor and Shannon Potter also equalled the top score of 2300 points. A total of 27 people in 12 teams made the day a success.


CategoryNameTime inPenalty PtsScoreFinal scoreRank
Solo MaleNat Couture13320230023001
Solo MaleHarold McQuade13400170017002
Team MaleWayne Gallant, Andrew Jefferies13530100010001
Team MaleBob Matthews, Bev McMurtrie1419OVT2200OVT 
Team FemaleMoon Joyce, Milda Markauskas1415OVT800OVT 
Team FemaleKelly Murray, Michelle Chase1411OVT1400OVT 
Team MixedShawn Taylor, Andrew Lowery, Shannon Potter13580230023001
Team MixedTroy Johnston, Natasha Woods13560160016002
Team MixedKevin Houlgate, Jeannine Houlgate1405200150013003
Team MixedCorrie Weatherbee, Majeedah Belding, Jeff Hackett, Dale Hackett13580130013004
Team MixedTravis Wert, Veronique Schwalm1401200120010005
Team MixedSharon Robertson, Lily Fraser, Barry Thompson, Kathy Russell1415OVT500OVT 

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