Blackfly Score-O

Odell Park Fredericton

May 15 2011

Meet Director:Rob Hughes
Course Setter:Paul Looker
Volunteers:Jenny Hughes

The Blackfly Score event at Odell Park was enjoyed by a small but determined group of cadets and ONB regulars who turned out to navigate the woods and trails. Spring rain was well in evidence, having started a couple of days before and falling steadily all day during the event. It wasn't any too warm, either, which did keep the blackflies at bay.

The course was ably set by Paul Looker, who turned out in the wee hours after the night shift in the rain and dark to hang the controls - thank you Paul!

Despite the wet the park looked very green and fresh and the event provided a good motivation to get out and enjoy it.

Matt PolstraCadet87:00130
Connor LewisCadet87:00130
Mark DewittFoxes78:00120
Daniel KentfieldCadet89:0090
Jacob WoodsCadet89:0090
Ashton McHughCadet79:3090
Andre DragosCadet64:0020
Dave MunnCadet64:0020
David RossFalcons60:30240
Harold McQuadeFalcons83:00240
Steve HeronFundy47:00160
Rachel HeronFundy45:00140
Lori HeronFundy53:00130
Andrew HeronFundy35:0060

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