Hopewell Rocks Night O

October 29, 2011

Hopewell Cape, NB

Meet Director:Bobbie Ross 
Course Setter:David Ross 

This was the first time a night O was held at this location. Participants enjoyed the pre race meal at the new Cafe Fundy in Hillsborough while the course was being set. SportIdent was used by the Ross Event team with pre-race advice from Steve heron who was there in spirit.

The weather was cool and breezy and the tide was out. Seventeen controls with reflectors and no flags nor even punches were positioned on stands mainly in caves and in passages; which are usually cabled off during the tourist season. The course was on two maps with an out back concept saving the necessity for a map exchange. The one dummy control acted like a light for moths and accordingly drew in orienteers Thanks to those who drove vast distances to participate and to Harold McQuade for picking up controls and guiding a new orienteer (who happened to bring along the worlds largest flashlight). Bobbie Ross minded the start and finish and the Sportident download station while the course setter acted as sweeper.

Our only wish is that could have been warmer and that the numbers should at at least be 300 per cent higher to make it worthwhile.

Course 1 2.1km
Cheryl SmithOANS32:19
Jennie HughesFoxes48:46
Rob HughesFoxes44:10
Troy SmithOANS44:40
Harold McQuade and Don McAulayFalconsuntimed

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