Owl Prowl

Fundy National Park, Alma, NB

May 19, 2012

Meet Director:   Dave Ross
Course Setter:   Dave Ross


Great Horned Owl   
Emily RossONB-Falcons57:59310
Rob HughesONB-Foxes54:10285
Steven HeronONB-Fundy58:32260
Ashley HardingOANS49:30220
Coutney MacPhailNo Club57:54180
Fred Boucher, Carl Tremblay, and Paul TremblayNo club55:23175
Alex Whaley and NyamaaONB-Foxes56:16170
Troy and Cheryl SmithOANS63:25190
Daven HughesONB-Foxes53:43130
Jennie HughesONB-Foxes50:11130
Art HardingOANS66:27150
Harold McQuade ONB-FalconsNo timeNo points
Little Saw-Whet Owl   
Nicole HardingOANS26:55160
Andrew HeronONB-Fundy38:45160
Lesley and Sean RobinsonNo Club53:29160
Moon JoyceNo Club56:07160
Peter and Connie Lane56:12160
Lori HeronONB-Fundy56:09130
Tim and Diane ScottNo club59:43100
Diane Basque and Gloria LandryNo club55:0155
Rachel HeronONB-Fundy56:2570
Tamara Ogden, Paul Merrigan, and Steve KentNo club42:2465
Oliver, Nathan, Tristan, and AllieONB-Falcons45:3365
Karen and Ron PurdyNo club61:1660
Chris Lesperance and Ruth CanningONB-Falcons75:10 
Babin and Chantelle AbordNo timeNo points
Barb and Rick KingNo timeNo points
Wannitta and Mac Daigleno timeNo points

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