Rockwood Park, Saint John


Meet Director: Steve Heron?
Course Setter: Steve Heron?

After three weeks of rain almost every day, Saturday dawned with a bit of Sun. Although the sun did not last long, I was counting myself lucky that the rain held off long enough to set the remaining controls. Amazingly, it only threatened and spit for the rest of the afternoon until after the race and all controls were picked up!

One intrepid Scouting group arrived with several teams of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Even a Guide and a Pathfinder participated. One team even went back out to try a harder course after completing the Beaver course (and did very well until nature called).

This was the first use of the new SportIdent equipment. The equipment performed flawlessly (the controller – not so much – I swapped the last two controls as I set them out). After the first finisher noted a wrongly numbered control, I was able to swap them on the system so everyone else received complete split results as they came in.

Steve Heron

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1-Beaver 2-Cub/Scout 3-Venturer 4-Advanced

1-Beaver        2.25km

Name Class Club Time
1 Slowpokes Cub ONB-Fundy 43:32
2 Hargrove & MacDonald Cub ONB-Fundy 1:14:18

2-Cub/Scout        3.75km

Name Class Club Time
1 Andrew Heron M-2 ONB-Fundy 1:01:17
2 Lori Heron F-2 ONB-Fundy 1:16:12
3 StDavids Scouts Scout ONB-Fundy 1:16:15
4 Golding Family Way-2 ONB-Fundy 1:27:21
5 StDavids Scouts 2 Scout ONB-Fundy 1:55:43
6 Team Tortia Cub ONB-Fundy 1:59:11
H & M 2 Cub ONB-Fundy DNF

3-Venturer        3.975km

Name Class Club Time
1 Rachel Heron F-3 ONB-Fundy 2:28:12
2 Victoria Melanson F-3 ONB-Fundy 2:29:55

4-Advanced        4.825km

Name Class Club Time
1 David Ross M-4 ONB-Falcons 1:05:04
2 Harold McQuade M-4 ONB-Falcons 1:39:30
3 Rolf Ohlsson M-4 ONB-Falcons 2:20:08

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