23rd Annual Falcon Cup

White Rock Recreation Area, Hillsborough


Meet Director: David Ross

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A small number of ardent orienteers pursued adventure in the Pits of Despair through rain at 13 degrees. It seems that locally it is tough to get participants out however others came from Saint John, the Annapolis Valley and even as far as Cape Breton. Thanks to Harold McQuade, Steve Heron and Bobbie Ross for all the assistance with controlling, vetting, registering, operating SportIdent and contol pick up. Congratulations to the Fundy Club for winning the Falcon Cup two years consecutively. Andrew Heron met his challenge and finished course 1 in M12 and much deservedly won a "cup" from the World Championships 2011 in France. Historically those M or F 12 participants at their first Falcon Cup event won a "cup" upon completion.

We used the new SportIdent system and became more familiar with it under Steve Heron's guidance. The electronic timing also allowed for a much smaller area of map to be used with all the controls located within one square km. The routes involved three loops on the longer course four and two loops on course three. The battery backup and result printer worked well. Thanks to Rachel Heron for loaning her dad her netbook which had the meet software on it. We were very grateful for no wind with the rain. The shelter canopy provided adequate cover.

F-3       Course 3       3.225k 75m

Name Club Time
Ross Bobbie ONB-Falcons DNF
Janet Wilbur DNF

F-4       Course 4       5.700k 105m

Name Club Time
1 Smith Cheryl OANS 159:11

M-1       Course 1       2.275k 65m

Name Club Time
1 Andrew Heron (2nd try) 23:48

M-2       Course 2       2.475k 85m

Name Club Time
Troy Smith OANS DNF
Andrew Heron ONB-Fundy DNF

M-4       Course 4       5.700k 105m

Name Club Time
1 Brian MacCulloch OANS 131:44
2 Steve Heron ONB-Fundy 157:47
Harold McQuade ONB-Falcons DNF

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