Jamboree O the Trail 2014-05-10

Jamboree O the Trail (view splits) (view calendar entry)

Date: May 10, 2014
Location: Rockwood Park, Saint John
Meet Director: Steve Heron
Course Designer: Steve Heron

Course: 2-Cub/Scout      2.2km

Name Class Club Time
1 Michael Bacon +Charlotte   46:19
2 Gondola Point Blue Six A Cub 62:28
3 Gondola Point Green Six A Cub 67:21
4 Awesome Pickle GP-Scouts Scout 77:19
5 Gondola Point Orange Six B Cub 81:02
6 Gondola Point Yellow Six B Cub 81:59
7 Fellowship Ring GP-Scouts Scout 82:22
8 Griffindor GP-Scouts Scout 98:14
9 16th Saint John Guides Guide 105:17
10 Lakewood Heights Guides Guide 109:04
Alex Hunter   DNF

Course: 3-Venturer      3.525k

Name Class Club Time
1 Andrew Heron ONB-Fundy 56:13

Course: 4-Short Advanced      4.225k

Name Class Club Time
1 Vicke Melanson ONB-Fundy 87:26
2 Quentin+Pierre-Andre Fruyther   95:52
Larissa Melanson ONB-Fundy DNF
Lori Heron ONB-Fundy DNF
Rachel Heron ONB-Fundy DNF

Course: 5-Long Advanced      5.75k

Name Class Club Time
1 Perry Riley ONB-Fundy 86:49
2 Harold McQuade ONB-Falcons 92:29
Fred+Romye Bouchard ONB-Fundy DNF