Odell Park by Map and Compass 2014-07-20

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Date: July 20, 2014
Location: Odell Park, Fredericton NB
Meet Director: Rob Hughes

1Julianna and Melanie 1:28:1841541500
1Vincent and Kevin 1:29:5241541500
3 Mary and Mark 1:30:50410425150
4Scott Fraser 1:26:0937037000
4Brook and Maggie 1:28:4137037000
6David and Philippe 1:28:0435535500
7Katie and Hannah 1:29:1234534500
7Perry Riley ONB-Fundy1:31:27345375300
Alexandre and Thierry DNF32032000
10Dominic and Daniel 1:31:14310340300
11Karl Messer ONB-Foxes1:28:0730530500
Jeremy and Maxime DNF30530500
13Cloee and Harriet 1:28:1228528500
14Jonah and Colin 1:30:01270285150
15Hayden and Connor 1:30:10250265150
15Donald and Joanne 1:30:41250265150
17Michelle and Hanna 1:26:2622022000
18Francis and Andrew 1:31:48175205300
19Daven H 1:15:3414014000
20Larissa Melanson ONB-Fundy0:52:3610010000
21Vicke Melanson ONB-Fundy0:53:51959500
Luisa Schwarz ONB-FoxesDNF0000