1998 Autumn Amble, Hillsborough

Fifty orienteers including Cadets from all New Brunswick and PEI enjoyed the first sunny day in a week at the Autumn Amble in Hillsborough. Temperatures were mild, and showers started right on cue after the award ceremonies. It was a fitting end to the last meet of the Falcon Club for the season.

Course Setter: Anne Mahoney
Meet Director: Luella Smith
Controller: Ed Smith

Course One
Junior Males
Name                            Club        Time    
Fraser Ross Falcons 33:22
Evan Holder Falcons 35:43
Shawn Ballieul Falcons 36:58
Jeffrey Doyle Cadets 58:38
Warren Adam Cadets 59:00
The Gaunce Family Fundy 69:30
Course Two
Junior Females
Siri Engebretsen Falcons 34:20
Rachel St. Laurent Foxes 61:28
Tasha Skidmore Cadets 74:12
Vicky Leblanc Cadets 79:21
Christine Leblanc Cadets 86:56
Jenny Leblanc Cadets 89:11
Jennifer Leblanc Cadets 91:40
Kirby Kiggins Cadets 104:19
Michelle McKeough Cadets DSQ
Joanne Taggart Cadets DSQ
Junior Males
Robert Donnel Cadets 69:42
Andrew Banfield Cadets 72:02
Sean Eidt Cadets 72:45
Michael Tatton Cadets 86:52
Nick Walker Cadets 101:44
Ricky Leblanc Cadets DSQ
Senior Males
Art Burns Fundy 64:01
Carol & Bobbi Ross Falcons 90:53
Course Three
Junior Females
Heather Smith Falcons 47:43
Victoria Smith Falcons 48:56
Vicky Whaley Foxes 87:53
Melissa Greer Cadets DNF
Jaime Phillips Cadets DNF
Junior Males
Wil Kingston Falcons 78:55
Matthew MacNeil Cadets 106:02
William Hachey Cadets 107:51
David Hollister Cadets 115:45
Keith Hollister Cadets 120:21
Matthew Ling Cadets DNF
Senior Females
Barb St. Laurent Foxes 120:46
Theresa Whaley Foxes 178:00
Jen Hughes Foxes DNF
Senior Males
Garth Holder Falcons 77:30
Rolf Ohlsson Falcons 92:09
Russ Francis Cadets 101:39
Don Heron Fundy 104:36
Course Four
Junior Males
Jeff Mahoney Falcons 67:46
Alex Whaley Foxes 122:28
Senior Females
Sandy Smith Falcons 76:40
Sheila Smith Fundy 124:02
Cherie Mahoney Falcons DSQ
Senior Males
Rob Hughes Foxes DNF
Ray St. Laurent Foxes DNF


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