Flood-O '99

The Falcon Club's first spring meet, the annual Flood-O, was held at Centennial Park on Sunday, May 9. It was the culmination of a series of beginner's clinics that were held the previous three weeks. The dry season made the event a misnomer this year.

Course Setter: Garth Holder
Meet Directors: Luella and Ed Smith
Controller: Mike Smith


Junior Male:

Richard Ward		Falcons		48:30


Stephanie Melanson      Fundy		30:35

Don Heron/	 	Falcons 	43:30
Bobbi Ross/
Jack Jayner			

Emily Ross/
Genivieve Lalonde	Falcons		59:59

3350 m.

Junior Males:

Fraser Ross	        Falcons		47:49

Daven Hughes	        Foxes		56:49

Alex Jayner		Falcons		56:55

Evan Holder	        Falcons		DNF

Junior Females:

Carol Ross		Falcons		65:48

Rachel St. Laurent	Foxes		78:05


The Looker Family	Falcons		93:39

5750 m.

Senior Males:

Rolf Ohlsson		Falcons		52:41

David Ross		Falcons		76:05

Ray St. Laurent 	Foxes		90:43

Senior Females:

Anne Mahoney	 	Falcons	       116:13

Barb St. Laurent  	Foxes	       121:16

Theresa Whaley	        Foxes		DNF

Junior Males:

Will Kingston		Falcons		78:27

Junior Females:		

Vicky Whaley		Foxes		73:56

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