Sass Peepre, UNB Woodlot
August 8, 1999

Meet Director: Ray St-Laurent.
Course Setter: Wil Smith.
Controller: Stig Skarborn.

The weather was a repeat of the 1998 Sass Peepre...heavy cold rain. Despite this, the turnout was good. It was good to see the Seeleys (graduates of the Fredericton beginner's clinic series) coming out, and not only that, but making the fastest time on course 2. The woodlot, with its clearcuts, alders and subtle contours, offered plenty of challenge for everyone else, the rain perhaps contributing to some of the "DNFs".

The Sass Peepre Cup was won by "The Happy Team" from the Fredericton Foxes:
Rachel St. Laurent, course 3,
David Cameron, course 4,
Graham St. Laurent, course 6.

Individual Results

Course 1    
Wayfarer 1    
Blanchard bunch AVOC 24:30
Andrew 1 -- 36:39
Jordon & Ray Quan Fundy 48:40
Smith wayfarers -- 64:02
Andrew 2 -- 74:14
Course 2    
Lucy Hughes Foxes 37:59
Graham Smith Foxes 43:09
Daven Hughes Foxes 93:36
Wayfarer 2    
Seely team Foxes 31:01
Blanchard bunch AVOC 51:02
Course 3    
Rachel St. Laurent Foxes 122:18
Course 4    
Victoria Smith Falcons 63:12
Vicky Whaley Foxes 69:38
Anne Hughes Foxes DNF
Judy Piel -- 141:05
Luella Smith Falcons 138:05
Barb St. Laurent Foxes 142:05
Theresa Whaley Foxes DNF
Roisin Whaley Foxes DNF
Jenny Hughes Foxes DNF
Jim Blanchard AVOC 77:43
Rolf Ohlsson Falcons 81:22
David Cameron Foxes 121:32
Ray Quan Fundy DNF
David Fellows Foxes 129:27
Don Heron Fundy 130:10
Erin Quan Fundy DNF
Course 5    
Ed Smith Falcons 98:32
Gary Feeney C de Bois 123:11
Rob Hughes Foxes 139:15
Gary Daneff Foxes DSQ
Course 6    
Graham St. Laurent Foxes 119:26
Gregory Cameron Foxes 169:06
Paul Looker Fundy DNF

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