Results: 2008 Canadian Orienteering Championships and Related Events

Orienteering Rocks
New Brunswick

August 16 - 24, 2008

Hopewell Rocks picture

Orienteering New Brunswick organized "Orienteering Rocks" - nine days of "O" activities, August 16-24, 2008. There were seven competitions at three sites:

The three sprints during the festivities were part of the North American Sprint series worth 150 points in total.

The Crew

The Orientation Rocks organization team included:

Harold McQuade Course setter COC middle and long distance events and Fundy Park liaison
David Ross Meet director COC middle and long distance events and Hopewell Rocks fun sprint
Paul Looker Controller COC long distance event
Stig Skarborn Controller COC middle distance event and comptroller
Wil SmithCourse setter COC sprint event
Mike SmithCourse setter Hopewell Rocks fun event
Garth Holder Model event Fundy National Park
John Ereaux and Susan DeanCo-registrars
Lorna and Richard Guttormson SPORTident team and registration website
Adrian Zissos IOF WRE adviser and controller for COC sprint
Bill Anderson Controller Hopewell Rocks fun sprint
Luella Smith Meet director COC sprint and banquet organizer
David Fellows Event Website
Mike Smith, Wil Smith, Holger Hott Fishbones course setters, controllers, and meet directors

The Results

The split times were uploaded to the WinSplits database and can be analysed by following the Winsplits links opposite. WinSplits takes the basic split time information and allows you to slice it and dice it in various ways. After you have selected your class in an event click on the "Help" link on the WinSplits page to see what you can do and how to do it.

Information about WinSplits.

For your amusement and analysis the maps and course data of some courses was uploaded to the Canadian Orienteering Federation's RouteGadget database. Access it with the RouteGadget links opposite. Please take the time to upload your route choice information and compare your choices with those of other runners.

How to use RouteGadget.

Stantec Consulting and Fundy Engineering produced a Vegetation Monitoring Report accessing the environmental impact of this event.

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