Results - 1996 Flood-"O"

By: Kirk Meldrum in Sackville (not Sussex)
Date: May 20, 1996
Location: Centennial Park, Moncton
Not to disappoint any of the expectant foul weather orienteers, the Meldrums successfully haggled with the Big Guy to ensure the miserable day. The low-pressure area descended upon Centennial Park in Moncton on the appropriate day in May and those who came expecting snow again this year had to leave disappointed as the Meldrums were only able to offer heavy rain. Fortunately, the bridge was still visible and the controls were above the flood plain so no one needed hip waders or boats.

The marsh proved to be this year's interesting trouble spot with precious minutes lost for the hares on this day. In at least one case it was frustrating enough to convince one rapid rabbit that the bikers had removed or perhaps re-placed the control further into the woods. For this we apologize.

I suggest that for all those interested in attending next year to check the Farmer's Almanac early and get your calendars marked so nothing else pre-empts this environmentally forboding event. Who knows, perhaps next year the Meldrums will order up a hurricane!

BEGINNER'S - 1.1 km
1.   Christopher Melanson   14:00

SHORT - 3.0 km
1.   Heather Smith          23:00
2.   Victoria Smith         24:50
3.   Rachel St-Laurent      62:08

1.   Don Heron              38:22
2.   Christopher Melanson   55:32

MEDIUM - 4.5 km
1.   Luella Smith           60:06
2.   Anne Mahoney           61:17
3.   Barb St-Laurent        78:18

1.   Ed Smith               41:00

LONG - 8.6 km
1.   Sandy Smith             DNF

1.   Doug Mahoney           46:45
2.   Mike Smith             47:55
3.   Dave Mahoney           62:23
4.   Jeff Mahoney           63:23
5.   Mark Meldrum           66:30
6.   Benjamin Lee           76:28
7.   Ray St-Laurent        118:45