Greenhill Lake "B" Meet Results

By: Brian McEwing & Gary Daneff
Location:       Greenhill Lake Bible Camp, Fredericton
Date:           Saturday, September 9, 1995
Meet Director:  Gary Daneff/Stig Skarborn
Course Setter:  Brian McEwing
It started as a sunny day which turned to rain about mid-afternoon, just when everyone was approximately at the farthest point from the start and finish lines. Despite it all, over 30 orienteers turned out for the day.

 64:36  Fundy  Ron, Arlene, Katie & Roseanne McGuire
 80:00  Foxes  Darcy, Mark, Caroline, Elise
 82:40  Foxes  Steven, Geoffrey & Andrea Davidson

Young People
 43:23  Foxes  David Lawrence, Bernie Reid
 50:16  Foxes  Rachel St-Laurent, Laura Jury

128:40  Foxes  Tim & Carolyn Davidson

Junior Women
107:37  Foxes  Vicky Whaley
   DNF  Foxes  Roisin Whaley

Junior Men
   DNF  Fundy  Greg McGuire

Senior Women
106:11  Foxes  Barb St-Laurent
   DNF  Foxes  Valerie Finnamore
   DNF  Foxes  Sadie Cameron

Perseverance Category
   DNF (360:00+) Foxes  Louise Finnamore

Junior Men
 88:17  Foxes  Graham St-Laurent
111:52  Foxes  Greg Cameron

Senior Men
 95:35  Foxes  Benjamim Lee
101:27  Foxes  Gary Daneff
102:32  Foxes  Kevin Hynes
110:29  Foxes  Ray St-Laurent
110:45  Foxes  David Cameron