1996 Nova Scotia Orienteering Championships

By: Michelle McNichol, Orienteering Association of Nova Scotia

[Editor's notes: These results are presented courtesy of the Orienteering Association of Nova Scotia. Our thanks go to the many people at OANS who helped put on this meet and for inviting those of us from New Brunswick to attend.]
Course 8
M21       Smith, Wil                        Fundy Falcons            01:14:59
          May, Brian                        Halifax Hustlers         01:26:18
          Lusby, Bruce                      Halifax Hustlers         02:34:57
          French, Nevin                                              02:40:50
          Mahoney, Brian                    Fundy Falcons                 DNS

Course 7
F21       Smith, Sandy                      Fundy Falcons            01:36:52
          Stalstad, Eva                     Sweden                   01:37:58
          Mahoney, Cherie                   Fundy Falcons            01:53:29
          May, Abbi                         Halifax Hustlers              DNF

M35       Nix, Greg                         Amherst Finders               DSQ

M-Open-7  Lee, Benjamin                     Fredericton Foxes        02:06:17
          Samostie, Alan                    Halifax Hustlers   Hon. Withdrawl
          Gray, Paul                        Halifax Hustlers              DNF
          Hoyle, Peter                      Recreational                  DNF
          Mahoney, David                    Fundy Falcons                 DNS

Course 6
M17-20    Mahoney, Jeff                     Fundy Falcons            01:37:27
          St-Laurent, Graham                Fredericton Foxes        02:12:12
          MacDonald, Jeff                   Amherst Finders               DNF

M40       MacLean, Joe                      Amherst Finders               DNF

Course 5
F17-20    Fraser, M                         Cadets 3036                   DNF
          Whaley, Roisin                    Fredericton Foxes             DNF

F40       Smith, Sheila                     Fundy Falcons            01:16:57

F-Open-5  MacLean, Anne                     Halifax Hustlers              DNF
          McNichol, Michelle                Halifax Hustlers              DNF

M45       Blanchard, Jim                    Annapolis Valley OC      01:26:53
          St-Laurent, Ray                   Fredericton Foxes        02:48:30
          Lewis, Peter                      Halifax Hustlers              DSQ
          Ellis, Dale                       Halifax Hustlers              DNF

M-Open-5  Hughes, Robert                    Fredericton Foxes        02:04:57

Course 4
F45       Smith, Luella                     Fundy Falcons            02:09:30
          St-Laurent, Barbara               Fredericton Foxes             DSQ

F50       Mahoney, Anne                     Fundy Falcons            01:43:36
          Whaley, Theresa                   Fredericton Foxes        03:47:49

F55       James, Margie                     Halifax Hustlers         03:01:53

M50       Smith, Ed                         Fundy Falcons            01:03:56
          Skarborn, Stig                    Fredericton Foxes             DNS

Course 3
F15-16    Hughes, Anne                      Fredericton Foxes        02:06:35
          LCpl Samson, MC                   Cadets 2842                   DSQ

M15-16    Whaley, Alex                      Fredericton Foxes        00:41:18
          MCpl Grimshire, John              Cadets 3036              01:06:47
          Sgt Bona, MW                      Cadets 2842              01:16:57
          WO Clements, JJ                   Cadets 2842              01:40:45
          Ellis, Edgar                      Halifax Hustlers         02:17:08
          Sgt Sampson, CM                   Cadets 2842              02:20:13
          Sgt Walsh, Ryan                   Cadets 3036              02:42:13
          Davidson, Mike                    Amherst Finders               DSQ

M-Open-3  Bryson, David                     Halifax Hustlers         01:28:15

Wayfarer  Barb Hill & Steve Reddy           Recreational             01:34:15

Course 2
F13-14    Smith, Heather                    Fundy Falcons            00:23:36
          Smith, Victoria                   Fundy Falcons            00:26:07
          Whaley, Vicky                     Fredericton Foxes        00:29:36
          St-Laurent, Rachel                Fredericton Foxes        01:00:47
          Thompson, Courtney                Amherst Finders          03:02:12

F-Open-2  Hoyle, Eleanor                    Recreational             02:04:13
          Leask, Sheryl                     AVOC                          DSQ

M13-14    Rose, G                           Cadets 3036              00:34:28
          Cpl Grimshire, William            Cadets 3036              00:52:58
          CFN Hearn, R                      Cadets 3036              01:36:18
          Burns, Micheal                    Fundy Falcons            01:46:22
          Smith, Charles                    Fundy Falcons            02:01:29
          LCpl Crewe, WL                    Cadets 2842              02:30:10
          MCpl Kassbaum, BF                 Cadets 2842              02:38:03
          Hawkes, Jason                     Amherst Finders               DNF

Wayfarer  Garret Cameron & Trevor Crawford  Amherst Finders          01:07:06
          Kenny Munroe & Kenny Yarrow       Amherst Finders          01:20:27
          Matt Landry & Jeff Brooks         Amherst Finders          01:25:45
          Daniel Smith & Art Burns          Fundy Falcons            01:30:23
          Hughes, Jenny & Daven             Fredericton Foxes        01:31:29
          Mourant Family                    Recreational             01:54:44
          Lydia Dobson & Karen Bishop       Amherst Finders          03:06:24

Course 1
F12       Hughes, Lucy                      Fredericton Foxes        00:22:18

M12       Ranne, CA                         Cadets                   00:19:12
          Creamer, Alex                     Amherst Finders          00:22:09
          Smith, Daniel                     Fundy Falcons                 DNS

F-Open-1  Estabrooks, Ashley                Amherst Finders          00:27:10

Wayfarer  Daniel & Avril Lewis              Halifax Hustlers         00:28:06
          Dave MacKay & Kevin Fagen         Amherst Finders          00:31:30
          Natalie Gilroy & Angela Stanley   Amherst Finders          01:28:41