Results - Odell Park Score-"O"

Date: May 4, 1996
Location: Odell Park, Fredericton
Meet Director: Kathleen Cameron
Course Setter: Greg Cameron and Graham St-Laurent
Controller: David Cameron
The Score 'O' event is an annual meet at Odell Park in Fredericton. All participants receive the same map and the same start time with a one hour time limit. Each control is identified on the map and clue sheet but no courses exist. A point value is assigned to each control depending on the degree of difficulty in finding it or reaching it. In this manner, a participant is obliged to optimize the points which s/he can obtain by balancing a selected route against the time available. Penalty points are assigned for each minute which a participant runs over the time limit.

This year, an additional course was set which had only the contour lines shown on the map (no trails, rocks, etc. - oh, the wonders of OCAD). Different controls were hung for the Contour-'O' than for the regular Score-'O' map and participants were compelled to seek out reentrants and creeks.

The meet was well run (congratulations to the youthful organizers) and enjoyed by all.

1. G and D Davidson          59
2. L and N Smith             51
3. Carolyn and S Davidson    32
4. Born Losers               20
5. Kathy and Erika Keays     19
6. T and C Whaley            17

Women's Junior
1. Katherine Smith           73

Men's Junior
1. Tim Davidson              67

Women's Open
1. Valerie Finnamore         52
2. Barb St-Laurent           49
3. Louise Finnamore          47

Men's Open
1. Rob Hughes                50
2. Don Heron                 28

Contour-'O', Men's Open
1. Benjamin Lee (tie)        90
1. Stig Skarborn (tie)       90
2. Ray St-Laurent            55
3. Gary and Meredith Daneff  20