Smith Family Event

By Luella Smith in Waterside

Meet Directors: Ed and Luella Smith
Controllers: Ed and Luella Smith
Course Setters: Ed and Luella Smith
Where were the other Smiths?????
Unfortunately, they were all at O ringen.

The Smith Family Event (also known as the "Fundy O Oh") was held at Micmac Campground in Fundy National Park on Sunday, July 20. The weather was perfect for orienteering a bit of sun, a bit of cloud, cool, and windy enough so there were no bugs. We actually had many Smith participants: Smiths from the Falcon Club, Smiths from the Fundy Club, and Smiths from the Foxes. We also had people from near and far as far away as Ireland, and Delaware, USA. We had first time orienteers, and we had seasoned orienteers (the Meldrums came out of the woodwork, with Kirk winning the men's senior class in Course 4). We had barbequed hotdogs, and drinks at the finish.

Here are the official results:

COURSE 1 - 1.45 km. 45 m.
Junior Female
1. Samiya Aljadir               Delaware Valley   26:43

Junior Male
1. Graham Smith                 Foxes             20:57
2. John McGuirk                 Ireland           34:20

Senior Male
1. Art Burns (and Dusty)        Fundy             45:30

1. Mona and Sara Meldrum        Falcons           20:58
2. Kim, Sue, Audrey and Laura   Falcons           22:41
3. Nicky Smith/Kaitlin          Foxes             34:36
4. Angela and Alicia McGrath    Hustlers          68:39

COURSE 2 - 1.45 km. 50 m.
Junior Female
1. Rachel St. Laurent           Foxes             76:52

Senior Female
1. Leanne Smith                 Foxes             75:47

COURSE 3 -  4.1 km. 65 m.
Junior Female
1. Heather Smith                Falcons           67:05
2. Victoria Smith               Falcons           70:30

Senior Female
1. Sheila Smith                 Fundy            125:22
2. Barb St. Laurent             Foxes            132:22
-. Liz Smith                    Foxes              DNF
-. Theresa Whaley               Foxes              DNF

Senior Male
1. Kevin McGrath                Hustlers         102:37

COURSE 4 -  4.5 km. 110 m.
Junior Male
1. Graham St-Laurent            Foxes             67:26
2. Greg Cameron                 Foxes             99:03
3. Alex Whaley                  Foxes            120:37

Senior Male
1. Kirk Meldrum                 Falcons           84:45
2. David Cameron                Foxes            100:27
3. Alan Samostie                Hustlers         118:39
4. Ray St. Laurent              Foxes            181:14
Thanks to Ken Whaley for his help at the finish, and to Gail Walker and Marie Rossiter for their help with refreshments.

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