Standard Fees

ONB has adopted the following standard fee schedule to be used to pre-register for regular events:

Type of eventTime on MapJuniorAdultFamilyOn-site
Sprint15-30 minutes$5$10$20$5
Point to Point45-90 minutes$10$15$30$5
Score-060-90 minutes$10$15$30$5
Rogaine (short)120+ minutes$10$15$30$5
Rogaine (long)240+ minutes$15$25$50$10
SI Rental$5$5
SI Replacement$50$50

NOTE: Unless other arrangements are made, registrations are paid on the day of the event, IN CASH!

  • Juniors are those under 21 at December 31 (ie ages 0-20).
  • “Family” might include everyone arriving in the same (passenger) vehicle at the event director’s discretion.
  • Teams are charged at these individual rates for each member unless otherwise specified.
  • Event directors may post alternate fees at their discretion.
  • Fees posted on the event page supersede anything posted here.
  • The On-Site fee applies to all on-site registrations (ie not pre-registered by email, Facebook or online). The event director may waive this extra fee.
  • SI Rental fees may be charged to provide SportIdent electronic timing devices to participants. The event director may waive this fee.
  • Rental SI devices which are not returned (lost) are subject to the SI Replacement fee regardless if a rental fee was paid.
  • Private corporate events are negotiated directly with the group involved – typically at a $10-$15 per participant rate with guaranteed minimum attendance (at event director’s discretion). For example: $100 for 1-10 participants plus $10 for each additional participant.

Note: Championship, Canada Cup and other (typically larger) special events may use other pricing schemes which will be communicated in the event materials.