Maine-Maritime/NB Championships

October 02, 2005
Rockwood Park, Saint John, NB

Meet Director:    Stig Skarborn
Course Planner:    Don Heron
Controller:    Paul Looker

As usual in Saint John - weather was sunny with scattered cloud and warm.

Results - Due to the organizers misplacing one control, courses 5 and 6 are cancelled.

Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4 Course 5 Course 6

F12 2.5km/60 m/13 c

1. Ouellette Danika Falcons CAN 37:35
2. Looker Victoria Fundy CAN 49:15

M12 2.5km/60 m/13 c

Davis Keith AVOC CAN DNF
Smith Ronald AVOC CAN DNF

Group1 2.5km/60 m/13 c

1. Looker Aiden-Ariane Fundy CAN 67:07
2. Tucker-Rushton Greg-Preston CAN 77:21
3. Muise-Rawn Sara-Krissy CAN 77:52
4. Nickerson Family CAN 134:58

F13-14 2.9km/80 m/11 c

1. Cavanagh-Dollard Caitlyn AVOC CAN 95:06
Nix Kimberley NSAC CAN DNF

M13-14 2.9km/80 m/11 c

1. Ereaux Graham Falcons CAN 49:10
2. LeBlanc Jeremy Falcons CAN 127:24

Group2 2.9km/80 m/11 c

1. Cavanagh-Dollard Family CAN 89:35

M15-16 4.4km/150 m/11 c

1. Nix Jared NSAC CAN 122:29
Cavanagh-Dollard Lyndon AVOC CAN DNF

Fopen3 4.4km/150 m/11 c

1. Hughes Jenny Foxes CAN 165:18
Power Alice NSAC CAN DNF
Whaley Theresa Foxes CAN DNF

M45-54 4.7km/180 m/11 c

1. Hughes Rob Foxes CAN 101:05
2. Holder Garth Falcons CAN 102:52

F55-64 4.7km/180 m/11 c

1. St.Laurent Barb Foxes CAN 153:30

M55-64 4.7km/180 m/11 c

1. Edgett Terry Falcons CAN 82:36
2. Skarborn Stig Foxes CAN 84:45
3. McQuade Harold Falcons CAN 88:56
4. Blanchard Jim AVOC CAN 95:56
5. St.Laurent Ray Foxes CAN 144:31
6. Quan Ray Fundy CAN 164:57

Fopen4 4.7km/180 m/11 c

Whaley Roisin Foxes CAN DNF

F20 6.0km/190 m/15 c

Cawley Danielle Falcons CAN DNF
Ross Carol Falcons CAN DNF
Ouellette Natasha Falcons CAN DNF

F35-44 6.0km/190 m/15 c

Ouellette Brigitta Falcons CAN DNF

M17-19 6.0km/190 m/15 c

1. Phelan Benoit Falcons CAN 139:43
Nowlan Julien Falcons CAN DNF

M35-45 6.0km/190 m/15 c

1. Ouellette Serge Falcons CAN 111:33
2. Bethune Shawn CAN 120:02
3. Ross David Falcons CAN 136:39
4. Backman Phil CAN 138:21
5. Nix Greg NSAC CAN 141:03
Backman Greg CAN DNF

M20 7.9km/205km/18 c

Lowerey Andrew CAN DNF

Group6 7.9km/205 m/18 c

1. Adamson Steve-Peter Fundy CAN 266:22

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